YAXA reduces
the Alert to Action time
from days to seconds

Maximal Risk Reduction With
Minimal IT Intervention

Flexible and Dynamic,
YAXA secures your digital assets
like no one else can




Today we live in a golden age of innovation driven by technologies that dominate headlines - cloud computing, mobility, big data, social media, open source software, virtualization, and, most recently, the Internet of Things. These tectonic shifts allow individuals, government, and companies to innovate and reinvent how they interact with each other. These forces mandate that we redefine what, how, and where we manage any business. However, the golden age of innovation has a dark side. A new class of "bad guys" has emerged and is taking advantage of "holes" in these technologies and our online behavior to create new risks. This leads us to the dreaded T word -Threat.

It's alarming to note that instances of Information Security breaches are on the rise and some of the biggest conglomerates in business have fallen prey to hackers who have broken past their defenses. A single data breach can undo years of effort and cause immediate and lasting reputation loss. To make matters worse, this also results in colossal monetary loss, legal liabilities and at times, closure of business. With phishing, social engineering and sometimes carelessness it is so easy to steal legitimate user's credentials that as Gartner calls it, all attackers look like legitimate users to any network during forensic analysis after the breach.

Perimeter defense e.g. Firewall, IPS/IDS are no longer adequate when the adversary is inside your network, i.e. possesses stolen credentials or may be an insider with malicious intent. This is where YAXA plays an important role with - our real time Insider Threat Solution. YAXA uses User & Asset Modeling to understand the nature of attack and prevent the attack in real-time, without raising false alarms. This is what we mean by saying - Maximal Risk Reduction with Minimal IT Intervention.


With increased sophistication of cyber-attacks, most of which are perpetrated by malicious insiders, YAXA Aegis is just what you need to protect your prized digital assets. Identity awareness and lightening quick incident response ensure that Aegis can detect Insider Threats and take corrective action in real-time, without triggering false alarms. Thus Yᴀxᴀ enables maximal risk reduction with minimal IT intervention.

Real time

Rather than rely on forensics and retrospective analysis, Yᴀxᴀ provides automated incident response to thwart an insider attack once detected.

Beyond perimeter defenses

Firewall /IPS/ IDS, being signature-based solutions designed to keep attackers out of the network, cannot deal with Insider threats which only Yᴀxᴀ can combat successfully.

Effective against Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Yᴀxᴀ solution is identity aware and uses advanced Machine Learning algorithms to detect hitherto unknown vulnerabilities.

Flexible deployment

The Yᴀxᴀ appliance can be deployed either in Data-Centre or in the Cloud.

Monitors the network traffic and leverages Big Data

Aegis collects and analyses packet headers/meta data as it monitors HTTP/HTTPS traffic and indexes the data to make it more easily and efficiently searchable for various decisions.

Eliminate false alarm

Yᴀxᴀ reduces the need for IT intervention manually by taking corrective action automatically upon anomaly detection and policy violation.